Online Talk

online talk

Thank you for visiting this page.
For short, this service is a 25 min. online talk using Zoom so that Japanese learners can ask some questions to me regarding Japanese grammars, conversations, and so on.

The cost of the service fully depends on how much you are satisfied with the talk.
You can tip me through PayPal.Me, which is peer to peer online payment service.


My name is Yuya, currently working for US software company at full-time.
I like tech and learning language.

Work Experience

  • About 5 years of sales experience at Japanese trading company
  • About 5 years of inside sales experience at several US IT companies

Language Skill

  • Native Japanese speaker.
  • Can speak a business level of English.
  • have studied Chinese for about 4 years but can speak only daily phrases.

Experience of Studying Abroad

Back to 2007, I have stayed in the US and studied to get business certificate for one and a half year.

Don’t you have these pains through Japanese learning?


I want to clear this specific point!


How can I say this expression in Japanese?


I don’t understand this grammar!


How should I pronounce this word?


I can support your these pains through Zoom session!


  • Price: There is no specified price. Please tip as you like through PayPal.Me after the talk.
  • Payment Method: Tipping through PayPal.Me (You need to have PayPal account)
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Time:25 min
  • Language: English or Japanese


Step 1: Scheduling

Through TimeRex, we will arrange 25 min. Zoom meeting.

Click here to schedule!

Step 2: Share the Zoom Link

Once the schedule is fixed, I will send Zoom invitation link to your email address.

Step 3: Online Talk (25 min)

On the talk day, click on the Zoom link, and let’s enjoy the conversation!

Step 4: Tipping

If you think the conversation was good or beneficial for you, please tip me as you like from here.
*You need to have PayPal account.
*When you tip, please select the currency as JPY.

Step 5: Follow-up

If I was not able to answer your questions during the talk, I will send the one time follow-up email.


  • This service has just started as a new attempt. I might change the content of the service or cancel.
  • I might use your questions for radio contents anonymously.